The Contrarian: Farewell Plutonia


The Contrarian’s Farewell Plutonia: physical edition available now!

Evocative and unsettling, Farewell Plutonia examines the role that belief plays in putting order to our chaotic existence. The political climate of 2010 — with its zombie zealots and so-called “patriots” — informed the work, as did the gnawing sense that America is now officially an empire in decline.

This is the sound of existential dread and the promise of transcendence. With guitars.

Order now: $10 for CD + exclusive digital extras!

Physical product is available exclusively at this site. Here’s what you get:

  • Limited-edition CD copy of Farewell Plutonia

And a link to download:

  • Exclusive comic from Susan Norton of NortonAnalog
  • Custom-layout lyric sheet
  • Real-time Skype, IM, or email chat with The Contrarian! No topic off-limits!
  • The Contrarian: Plutonia Podcast — a track-by-track exploration of the album’s themes and memes

Farewell Plutonia is also available at major online retailers (but without those awesome extras).

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